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About the corporationbox top Greetings from the CEO Brief history of the CEO Objective of establishment and history Management principle and vision Major functions and businesses Organization information Location and map box bottom
Introduction to the businesses box top Energy saving in buildings - Building certification system - Energy-saving design criteria for buildings - Building VA - Building ESP - Energy saving by public organizations Countermeasures against climate change - Analyses of greenhouse gas statistics - Registration of greenhouse gas reduction records - CDM - Emission trading scheme - Responsive support for industries Energy saving in transportation - Fuel efficiency grade indication system - Average energy consumption efficiency system New • renewable energy - Goal - A Message from the Director - Overview of KEMCO and NREC - Energy Review in Korea - Current status of NRE RD&D in Korea - The 3rd Basic Plan for NRE Technology Development and Deployment - Status of NRE Deployment - Program for promoting NRE deployment - Subsidy Program - 1 million Green Homes program - Regional deployment subsidy program - Loans and Tax incentive program - Program for promoting NRE utilization - Feed-in-tariffs - Public institutions’ renewable obligation - Certificate of NRE systems - Renewable Energy Service Companies - Renewable Portfolio Agreement (RPA) - International Cooperation - International Cooperation in New and Renewable Energy - Multilateral Cooperation - Bilateral Cooperation Inspection of heat-using machines and equipment Energy Audit Energy Service Company (ESCO) Energy Saving through Partnership (ESP) Support in the form of funds and tax incentives Voluntary agreement (VA) - What is a voluntary agreement? - Subjects of the agreement - Participation processes and roles - Incentives for participation Efficiency management system - Overview of the efficiency management system - Status of efficiency management system operation - Method of selecting energy saving-type products - Energy consumption efficiency grade indication system - Introduction - Subject Appliances and standards - Procedure for Energy Efficiency Rating Label - Energy Efficiency Grade Label - Labeling program for Automobiles - Standby power reduction program - Introduction - Subject product list and scope of e-standby - Participation and Report Procedure box bottom
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Professional education box top Professional education course Legal education for the energy managers Education to foster technical manpower related to energyEarly education box bottomStudy and training
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