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Professional education course
Korea Energy Management Corporation operates various specialized education programs for demanders who are interested in energy and/or climate change such as industries’ energy managers.
In particular, Korea Energy Management Corporation is concentrating on fostering experts in response to climate change and development and operation of education programs for the youth as future energy consumers.

Professional education courses

Course Name Remarks
Legal education for the energy manager - Targets energy managers of businesses using large amounts of energy (annual energy consumption of 2,000TOE or more)
- New technologies for saving energy in industrial processes; government policies are introduced to enable industries to respond effectively to the convention on climate change
Education to foster technical manpower related to energy (accreditation, gas technician fostering course) -Individuals wishing to operate small-capacity boilers, pressure containers, and gas boilers smaller than a certain size are given qualifications through education for certain periods and examinations.
- During the 3-day education period, the basics of treatment and management of boilers and pressure containers and boiler operation and efficient methods of saving fuel are taught.
Study & training of local officials in charge of energy - Study & training courses are being operated for officials in charge of regional energy projects at local governments.
Study & training on energy diagnosis technologies - This is operated to foster experts in the field of energy diagnosis.
- Energy diagnosis cases have been compiled into a curriculum to develop and operate practical, site work-oriented education programs.
Professional study & training courses for industrial sectors - Courses to foster greenhouse gas reduction volume examiners and experts in practical works to manage greenhouse gases are operated to facilitate industries’ responses to climate change.
- Study & training courses for energy managers are operated for persons in charge of energy for energy saving in industrial processes and buildings.
- Study & training courses for new• renewable energy experts are operated to activate the use and supply of new• renewable energy and foster experts in new• renewable energy.