1. Green Energy Experience Hall
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The Green Energy Experience Hall


Division size; Theme of exhibit; Contents of exhibit

  1. Lobby: 149㎡, green home model house – energy-saving insulation products, photovoltaic and LED lighting
    1. - Information on major energy policies and projects of Korea Energy Management Corporation
  2. 1st floor: 347㎡, energy experience –history of energy and principles of creation and generation
    1. - Energy experience and production, distribution
  3. 2nd floor: 165㎡, future energy – natural gas and various new• renewable energy sources
  4. 3rd floor: 182㎡, life energy – economic speed and comparison of fuel efficiencies
    1. - Comparison between air conditioners and electric fans in terms of power consumption
    2. - Exhibition of high-efficiency energy machinery and materials
  5. Viewing time is around 60 minutes. In case of groups of viewers, viewing guides cheerfully guide them and provide detailed explanations. Please visit us and see and experience energy firsthand. Our doors are always open for you.