1. Introduction to the businesses
  2. Energy saving in buildings
  3. Countermeasures 
against climate change
  4. Energy saving 
in transportation
  5. New? renewable 
  6. Inspection of heat-using machines and equipment
  7. Energy Audit
  8. Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  9. Support in the form of funds and tax incentives
  10. Integrated Energy Supply (IES)
  11. Consultation for Energy Use plan
  12. Efficiency management system
    1. Overview of the efficiency management system
    2. Energy consumption efficiency grade indication system
    3. Energy consumption efficiency grade indication system
    4. Standby power reduction program
  13. bottom
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E-Standby Program
introduction Subject roduct list and scope of e-standby Participation and Report Procedure
Participation and Report Procedure
  1. Domestic manufacturers and importers who are selling their own brands products are qualified to participate in e-Standby Program. The companies which want to participate in e-Standby Program should apply to Korea Energy Management Corporation by submitting

    ① the applications and
    ② participating conformity form. They are acknowledged as participating companies after taking the certifi-cations for participation.
Report Procedure
  1. The products that meet the standards can be classified as the energy saving products by reporting to Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO). The report documents are

    ① A qualified product information form,
    ② Testing report and
    ③ Photographs or Pamphlets of the product. The testing report can be obtained from the independent testing laboratory or the self-test results can be used in case the companies have been designated as the self-certify testing laboratory. It is able to confirm registration at energy saving products via internet
Manu facturers KEMCO Internet Energy Saving List Consumer Consumers International cooperation ① submit application ② lssulng certlicate of partlclpation ③ Reporting ④ Internet reglstration ⑤ Energy Boy labeling after conflirming registration ⑥ Purchase ⑦ Information exchange - Public procurement services - Public organizations - APEC, APP - IEA

Designated testing institutes

  1. (Related to Article 3 paragraph 5 and Article 4 paragraph 2)
    Korea Testing Laboratory, Korea Electric Testing Institute, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute, EMC Research Institute, Telecommunications Technology Associations, Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  2. If you want to know more detail information, please refer to below.
    「Regulation on Standby Power Reduction Program」(Ministry of Knowledge Economy Notification No. 2011-23, 2011.2.16)