1. Introduction to the businesses
  2. Energy saving in buildings
  3. Countermeasures 
against climate change
  4. Energy saving 
in transportation
  5. New? renewable 
  6. Inspection of heat-using machines and equipment
  7. Energy Audit
  8. Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  9. Support in the form of funds and tax incentives
  10. Integrated Energy Supply (IES)
  11. Consultation for Energy Use plan
  12. Efficiency management system
    1. Overview of the efficiency management system
    2. Energy consumption efficiency grade indication system
    3. Energy consumption efficiency grade indication system
    4. Standby power reduction program
  13. bottom
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Energy Efficiency Label and Standard Program
introduction Subject Appliances and standards Procedure for Energy Efficiency Rating LabelEnergy Efficiency Grade LabelLabeling
program for Automobiles
The purpose of the Energy Efficiency Labeling program is to save energy by enabling the consumers to identify the high efficiency energy saving type products easily and accordingly encouraging the manufacturers (importers) to produce (import) and sell the energy saving type products from the beginning stage, through indicating the energy efficiency grade from the 1st to 5th grade. The minimum energy performance standard is to prohibit the low efficiency products from spreading and promote the manufacturers’ technical development by setting up and controlling the minimum required efficiency standard. The not-improved products can be expelled.
The Energy Efficiency Label and Standard Program enables consumers to identify high efficiency energy efficiency products easily by ①mandatory indication of energy efficiency grade from 1st to 5th grade, ②mandatory reporting and ③applying MEPS.
① According to the energy efficiency or the quantity consumed of the product, the product is required to indicate an energy efficiency grade from 1st to 5th grade
② Mandatory reporting of energy efficiency grade by manufacturers (importers)
③ Production and sales of products that fall below the 5th grade is prohibited(Applying MEPS)
Energy Efficiency grade Label
KEMCO applies the Energy Efficiency Grade Label to 24 items and the minimum efficiency label to 11 items such as Fluorescnet Lamps ballasts, Three-Phase Induction Motors, Adapter & Chargers, Transformer, Electric fan heater, Electric stove, Electric pad, Electrically heated water mat, Electrical heating board, Electrical bed and Electrical radiator