1. Introduction to the businesses
  2. Energy saving in buildings
  3. Countermeasures 
against climate change
  4. Energy saving 
in transportation
  5. New? renewable 
    1. Goal
    2. A Message from the Director
    3. Overview of KEMCO and NREC
    4. Energy Review in Korea
    5. Energy Review in Korea
    6. Current status of NRE RD&D in Korea
    7. Program for promoting NRE deployment
    8. Program for promoting NRE utilization
    9. International Cooperation
  6. Inspection of heat-using machines and equipment
  7. Energy Audit
  8. Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  9. Support in the form of funds and tax incentives
  10. Integrated Energy Supply (IES)
  11. Consultation for Energy Use plan
  12. Efficiency management system
  13. bottom
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Program for promoting NRE deployment
Building Subsidy Program Home Subsidy Program Regional deployment subsidy program Loans and tax incentive program
Loans and tax incentive program

The government provides long-term, low-interest loans for the customers or manufacturers of NRE systems which have been completely commercialized. The objective of the program is to expand the deployment of NRE systems as well as to promote commercialization of large-scale facilities.

Installation loans are provided when customers install NRE systems, while operation loans are provided to the manufacturer of NRE facilities or to operate and manage such facilities.

Loans are provided for up to 90% of the total cost(up to 50% for large corporations). As well, about 10% of total investment in installation of NRE systems can be deducted from the income tax or corporate income tax.