1. Introduction to the businesses
  2. Energy saving in buildings
  3. Countermeasures 
against climate change
    1. Analyses of greenhouse gas statistics
    2. Korea Voluntary Emission Reduction program (KVER)
    3. CDM
    4. Domestic Emission Trading Pilot Project
    5. Carbon Cashbag
    6. Carbon Neutral Pogram
    7. International cooperation on energy efficiency
  4. Energy saving 
in transportation
  5. New? renewable 
  6. Inspection of heat-using machines and equipment
  7. Energy Audit
  8. Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  9. Support in the form of funds and tax incentives
  10. Integrated Energy Supply (IES)
  11. Consultation for Energy Use plan
  12. Efficiency management system
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Domestic Emissions Trading Pilot Project

Since 2011, Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO) has been carrying out Domestic Emissions Trading Pilot Project for Power and Industry Sector to provide Korean industries with the opportunity to experience emissions trading before the commencement of the nation-wide emissions trading scheme in 2015.

In order to maximize the Project effectiveness, KEMCO linked the Project with GHG Energy Target Management Scheme and borrowed not only the scheme target but also Measurement, Reporting & Verification (MRV) tool. Also, by providing web-based trading platform for online simulation trading using cyber-money KEMCO expects to minimize the burden of project participants which might arise from cash transactions. As a result, the project participants have traded permits and took part in auctioning. KEMCO will evaluate the performance of all participants and reward companies which show outstanding results.

Overview of Domestic Emissions Trading Pilot Project

Year Number of Participants Emission of Participants(a) (MtCO2e) Emission of Power & Industry Sector(b) (MtCO2e) Ratio (%) (a/b) Total Volume (1,000KAU) Auction Volume (1,000KAU) Total Transaction Value (KRW Million)
2011 78 333 426.1 78.2 15,311 - 256,984
2012 142 502 578 86.9 32,739 8,916 270,304

    * KAU : Korea Assigned Unit, 1KAU=1tCO2