1. Introduction to the businesses
  2. Energy saving in buildings
    1. Building certification system
    2. Energy-saving design criteria for buildings
    3. Energy saving by public organizations
  3. Countermeasures 
against climate change
  4. Energy saving 
in transportation
  5. New? renewable 
  6. Inspection of heat-using machines and equipment
  7. Energy Audit
  8. Energy Service Company (ESCO)
  9. Support in the form of funds and tax incentives
  10. Integrated Energy Supply (IES)
  11. Consultation for Energy Use plan
  12. Efficiency management system
  13. bottom
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Energy-saving design criteria for buildings
<Review of Building Design Criteria for Energy Saving> In order to obtain a building permit, the property owner must fill out an energy-saving worksheet and submit it to the local government office. The worksheet will be reviewed by KEMCO at the request of the permit authority.
- Private buildings must satisfy all mandatory items and get at least 60 points of EPI(Environmental Performance Index) in Construction Design, Machinery Design, Electric Facility Design and Renewable Energy Facility Design.(74 points for public buildings)
* Total of 4,242 cases(2011), 4,882 cases(2012)
<Enhancement of Building Code> Enhancement of Builiding Code such as insulation standards that obligation to zero energy building by 2025
- Passive House, 2017 -> Obligation to Zero Energy Building by 2025