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Major functions and projects

Korea Energy Management Corporation implements various projects aimed at rationalizing energy use such as creating an energy use culture that is responsive to climate change, enhancing energy use efficiency, and developing and supplying technologies for new renewable energies as future energy sources. Korea Energy Management Corporation is doing its best as a global specialized organization that contributes to the national economy and develops and supplies future energy technologies backed by international competitiveness and expertise.

Supply support project Provision of high-efficiency machine subsidy Energy-saving education Energy service company (ESCO) Helps with funds and taxation Technology development project New•renewable energy Energy support•technology development Group energy supply/small combined heat and power Foundation forming project Energy saving in building Countermeasures against the convention on climate change Energy saving in transportation Discussion on energy use plans Korea Energy Show Energy saving technology cooperation (ESP) Voluntary agreement (VA) Energy hall Efficiency management system Consulting business Energy management diagnosis Inspection of heat-using machinery CDM project Energy diagnosis system