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Greetings from the CEO
Message from the President & CEO

KEMCO, Leading a Happy Energy Era in Korea

We sincerely appreciate the love and support you have shown for Korea Energy Management Corporation (KEMCO).

KEMCO has strived to overcome national challenges such as the recent power-shortage problems, high oil prices and climate change issues while delivering on our commitments to transform the nation into a low-carbon, energy-efficient society.

KEMCO plans to strengthen its on-going function, including the establishment of a sustainable efficiency and demand-side management system, the active deployment of renewable energy, and response to climate change. To take a step further, we will work in collaboration with various sectors to accelerate the integration and convergence between the energy sector and information and communication technologies (ICT). This way, we hope to contribute to a better quality of life for the people and lay the industrial foundation for our energy future.

Since the establishment in 1980, KEMCO has been at the center of the transformation into a new energy era. We will build upon the progress and keep delivering on our ground-breaking innovation and valuing the voices of the people.

All members of KEMCO firmly believe in that our integrity, pride and humility in our duties will open a "Happy Energy Era for All". We will dedicate to fulfilling our social responsibilities by supporting small and medium enterprises, fostering industries, creating jobs and promoting energy welfare.

KEMCO looks foward to your continued support, love and encouragement so that we remain the best energy management institution that enables a happier and healthier life for the world.

President and CEO BYUN Jong-rip